Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oil Spill STILL Going...

I told you the "top-kill" procedure would be temporary at best. Now, that was even more temporary than hoped, but what happens now? I have come across material that said BP is done trying to stop it and will focus on capture/cleanup, but all is not lost. Well, it is... but I'm trying to be optimistic and being a grouch about the situation is not going to help efforts anyway, right?

The next move will likely be an LMRP - "lower marine riser cap" - which involves ATTEMPTING to cut into the damaged part of the well and insert a shut off valve. Okay, this is another risky move that will take an estimated 4 days to complete. Who knows how long before they even know if it worked. Amongst other failed attempts so far was a large box placed over the leak and a tube inserted to suck out the oil. What about drilling relief wells, you ask? There is so much controversy due to this spill that the public just wants the darn leak plugged so we can truly assess the situation. Plus, relief wells is at least 3 months away.
I found good information on the Voice of America news site:

Hey, this is scary stuff. People are NOT overreacting to the impacts and implications of this disaster. It SHOULD be headline news everyday for as long as possible. Hurricane season is around the corner and who knows what that will bring. Unfortunately, not even the Weather Channel can prepare us this early. After a few "quiet" seasons, many here in Florida are holding their breath and try to carry about normally until the weather, or oil, or BOTH reach our shores.

So keep yourself up to date on environmental situations in general. Yes, this is something focused on the southeast, but there are devastating impacts from our species that affect locations and ecosystems all over the world. Do not lose sight of how to keep your local environment healthy just because another coast is having bigger problems. ALL the ecosystems are important, and often we do not realize exactly how important until they are damaged beyond restoration.

Remember that during your BBQ this Memorial Day weekend. And be sure to raise your flag and your awareness for our soldiers and veterans too this holiday.

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