Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Abyss: Review

So, as a reprieve from the Oil Spill Crisis (but not for long, I have new information to share on that soon) I have returned to the fun of doing ocean related reviews. My husband was shocked to find I had NEVER seen the film in its entirety. After actually watching the special edition, start to finish, I was shocked to realize I had never seen it either, and knew I had to recommend to all that would hear this film MUST be watched by all oceanic and science fiction enthusiasts.

It was originally released in August of 1989, and when you think of the scope and nature of James Cameron films in general, this was a spectacular predecessor to Titanic and Avatar (Terminator came prior, back in 1984). The settings are amazing, and the story is exceptional. Having a background as an aviation mechanic and having worked on and around the bubble-domed submersibles at HBOI really gave me an intense perspective on the film. I was constantly analyzing the machinery and running the physics through my head, checking plausibility. Cameron has always made films I have enjoyed, but honestly, The Abyss changed my perception of his work like nothing else. If you can set your brain back to the theatrical technology of the late 80's/early 90's, you will realize this film, as always for Cameron's work, was WAY ahead of its time.

So, even if you've seen it, watch it again. Reminisce and enjoy the heart-pounding moments of tragedy and discovery all over again. Let's remember why we are so keen in the first place to both love and want to save this precious ocean surrounding our planet.

RATING: ~~~~~ (5 out of 5 waves) you, like me, really have no excuse NOT to own or at least watch this film again... and again

Take care, and more reviews - books and otherwise- are on their way soon,

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