Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Spill Stopped?

Well, the latest reports coming out of the Gulf of Mexico are stating that the oil leak is now considered capped. Unfortunately, there are 3 separate places where the lines had been leaking... so it is not yet clear if ALL of the leaks are stopped. The May 17th issue of TIME magazine's article "The Big Spill" has great detail and diagrams explaining the entire disaster in layman's terms.
They used a method called "top-kill" to stop the leak. Essentially, tons of mud and debris are stuffed down on top of the leak. Then, after the pressure is low enough, cement is funneled down to the area to "permanently" stop the problem. But in actuality, this method is only a temporary solution.

But at least now the clean up efforts will be more productive for the time being. Let's just hope everyone (public, politicians, AND BP) bears in mind that this disaster is NOT over yet. The carnage and real impacts of this spill have only just begun.

Take care, and take initiative!

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