Friday, August 31, 2018

The Shark Bite Donut: Dunkin's Disappointment

If you are like me, then all things ocean grab your attention.

So when we dropped by Dunkin Donuts for a treat, the Shark Bite donuts were an unexpected surprise and immediately a must-have. And while I'm quick to admit the actual donut isn't nearly as pretty in reality as in the advertisements, this simple glazed donut with white frosting and small shark-shaped sugary sprinkles is tasty.

Once the sweet tooth is satisfied, though, I wondered why the donut was even available? Well, Dunkin realized that Shark Week is now one of the most popular television events of the year - so much now that the company decided to celebrate like other seasonal holidays with a themed donut.

But the conservationist in me was disappointed. Dunkin chooses not to provide any information or support (that I found - PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong) about sharks themselves, leaving me with a feeling of nothing more than capitalization and pure exploitation on the popularity of the subject.

No business is required to go beyond their strategic plan and of course the purpose is to make money, but I have to admit when companies go that extra mile and reach out for the greater good, they will receive my patronage far more often. The Shark Bite donut made us smile for the day, but it nothing more than that.

Maybe I am naïve for thinking that a little research would show Dunkin Donuts supporting the cause for shark conservation, but alas, the company has been a sponsor of Discovery's Shark Week for several years now and that appears to be the extent. So in the end, I even have to give credit to The Discovery Channel's ability to market their week of shark-related programs instead of Dunkin's desire to make an impact.

Guess I'll stick to making my coffee at home.


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