Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's SUP?!!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (a.k.a SUP) is an awesome sport to get you out on the water!

Never tried it? Well, my inaugural run on a SUP was just a few shorts weeks ago with my husband and 2 yr old son (YES, 2!) and it was AWESOME!!  I threw some quick photos of our experience together. If you think you are too old to try something new - you are wrong! If you think you are too out of shape to do this, again the buzzer sounds! When the waves get tricky or you feel off balance, just drop to your knees (like the last photo here) and you will feel steady once again. Perhaps the most imporatnt tip: don't stress! It is meant to be just another fun way to experience the water. So when you can't go surfing, but the clarity won't hold for snorkeling, work on your tan and your core strength while enjoying the day.
A SUP is not a surfboard - notice only 1 fin
 A SUP ranges from 9' - 12' typically. It is not a surfboard, so unfortunately just throwing your longboard out on flat water will not have the same effect as your SUP experience. The top portion of the board is covered with tread to allow you to stand without sliding. You will get wet. Water shoes are not necessary, but flip-flops will probably not be as comfortable as just hangin' barefoot.
This 12' SUP had Daddy paddle and the 2-yr old riding the nose!
Jet skis or boat wakes? No problem.
Many outdoor recreation companies that lead kayak tours also conduct SUP tours or rentals.  Expect to pay anywhere from $20/hr -$50/half day (guide not included). We went to Jupiter Point Paddling, here in Florida. This company is very informal and friendly for non-locals and beginners too.  Check out if you want to go where we went, but there are other programs out there too.
My hot coworker is also a SUP guide!

What's the point? If you love the water, there is always some new way to experience and appreciate it.  Try something new yourself, or introduce an aquatic adventure rookie to one of the reasons why you love water so much.  Sharing the fun can also energize and inspire your day to day grind.



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