Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue Planet - Ocean World

The Blue Planet series was produced in 2001 (released in 2002) by the BBC. They are narrated by Sir David Attenborough, a name you may not recognize but a voice you certainly will if you are a regular documentary watcher. The style of this opening program is very similar to the Planet Earth series, and I would be shocked to find out that Blue Planet wasn't part of the inspiration.
Ocean World gives a very rough representation for the entire series, and therefore does not focus on any one part of the ocean. That means it goes from the blue whale to tides and currents to deep water migrations. So be prepared for lots of video "teasers" that will give extremely basic facts, leaving you wanting more information. I think that is the whole point, but it can lead to this specific documentary being disjointed and your mind might wander off... no disrespect Sir David. This also means the footage is spectacular, and sometimes brutal, so you may not want to watch this with your little one until you have pre-screened it for content. Hey, if your munchkin can handle gray whale calf vs killer whale pod, knock yourself out. No, seriously, knock yourself out because that's just a mean thing to do to a little kid.
There are some great comparisons of ocean animal behaviors to more well known land animal behaviors; this makes it a little easier to digest, particularly for those not so well versed in the ways of the ocean. So, it is a good film for a group without a ton of prior knowledge.

RATING: ~~~ (3 waves out of 5) worth watching

This is a good way to get started for the entire series, and the footage will get your mind primed and ready for future episodes. (which of course we will discuss later!)

Dolphins were probably the original surfers riding the swells far out in the open ocean... think on this when you catch your next wave much closer to shore: who ELSE has ridden this wave?

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