Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sea Turtle Surgery

Since having a baby and dropping completely off the face of the planet, I have returned to my watery roots. When Daddy is able to babysit, I sneak off to volunteer at a local nature center that recently acquired the ability to rehabilitate sea turtles. Today was unprecedented as multiple veterinarians, including a few from Disney World, gathered with vet techs and a plethora of volunteers and staff to perform surgery on 30-35 endangered green sea turtles burdened with the fibropapilloma virus. I've worked with this problem before as an intern, and will be reviewing the book Fire in the Turtle House later; it focuses on the early identification and study of the disease.
For really great videos and information on the "event" check out this link:

Just remember - it is great to read, watch, and learn about the ocean, but nothing compares to actively participating in conservation. Certainly revitalizes me!

Take care and more reviews coming soon!

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